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American Candy Gift Box 1

American Candy Gift Box 1
American Candy Gift Box 1
American Candy Gift Box 1

1 x Air heads Orange
1 x Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Lollipop
3 x LaffyTaffy - Various
5 x Tootsies / Frooties
1 x Destroyers Bubble Gum
1 x Atomic HOT Fireball
1 x Chewy Lemonhead Fiercely Citrus
3 x Jolly Ranchers 
1 x Mike and Ikes Sour-Licious Fruit Punch
1 x Jaw Busters

Weights: Top Pop Lolly 10g / Fluffy Stuff Lolly 18g / Chuckles 28g / Fries 15g / Hot Dog 9g /Mike and Ike 22g / Lemon,Cherry,Grape Heads 23g / Airheads 16g / Fun Dip 12.1g /Destroyer 5g / Camel Ball 5g / Twizzler 10g / Fireball 8g / Laffy Taffy 11g/ BabyRuth 24g / Tootsies and Frooties 4g / Swedish Fish 6g / Kool Aid 3.6g / Now & Laters 5g Each

The sweets come in a Large Letter Box Measuring Approx 22 x 15 x 2 cm 

Please Note: Sweets may move around in transit so they are unlikely to be in the exact position they were packed in.

Next Day Delivery Available - Order before 3.00pm

Price Each: £5.20
Stock: More than 200
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